GEOFF ANDERSON Raptor 6 wading jacket black edition

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Classic wading jacket, highly functional.

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  • waterproof (10.000mm)
  • breathable (10.000g)
  • windproof
  • for fresh and salt water use
  • latest material technology
  • advanced tape technology
  • non-toxic plastic and metal parts
  • strong Velcro closures
  • three dimensional adjustable hood
  • hood can be rolled up and fixed with flap
  • fleece chin guard
  • Shoulder seamless
  • One-hand adjustment by Hypalon Velcro fasteners on the sleeves
  • this model is without hand loops (hand warmer)
  • YKK zipper
  • elastic waistband at the hem of the jacket
  • Loop on the left breast pocket to attach accessories
  • 1 Napoleon pocket with YKK zipper
  • 2 breast pockets with Velcro fasteners: one of them with double pocket
  • 1 large back pocket with YKK zipper
  • Layer principle: outside (3rd layer)

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1 = collar
2 = chest circumference
3 = inseam arm
4 = sleeve length outside (from neck to ankle) 
5 = hip circumference
6 = waist circumference
7 = leg length outside
8 = inseam leg
9 = head circumference 
10 = back length (center back measured from neck to jacket hem)


2 124 126 128 132 138 139 142 162
4 77 79 80 83 86 88 91 92
6 98-110 100-112 102-116 104-120 110-120 112-126 115-130 146-162
10 61 63 64 67 68 70 70 74

Shell: Polyamide, Lining: PES

T.S.F. combines a group of different technical makes that work together as a 3 layer principle.
T.S.F. Classic Wet Type Excellent as a 3rd layer for protection against wind and weather.
The membrane is made of polyurethane and has microscopic pores that allows water vapor to pass through, but blocks water in liquid form. This provides better comfort, excess body moisture can escape to the outside through the membrane, while, for example, rain can not penetrate inside. The membrane is attached on the outside with a very strong nylon fabric, Taslan. This type of nylon is particularly resistant to wear and tear and is therefore suitable for many outdoor activities.

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After use, always store the garments dried and airy, never store them damp. Mildew stains and even mold could form and the life of the product will automatically be shortened.

(Dozer, WS, Raptor, Xera, Urus, Zoon)
Wash every now and then, as the pores can become clogged, reducing breathability. be sure to follow the care instructions on the label! Light soiling on the outside can often be removed with a damp cloth and under running water. Close all zippers and Velcro closures before washing. All products should be washed without spinning. Use detergents suitable for membrane garments and wash with a suitable wash program (see label). Special agents for the washing machine are available for basic cleaning, liquid mild detergent can also be used. Please adhere to the dosage instructions given. If necessary, rinse again with an additional rinse program afterwards. Do not use fabric softener and/or bleach, as these can be harmful to the function of the membrane and the fibers. Hang the garment to dry immediately after washing.

Re-impregnate from time to time. Special sprays sprayed directly onto the outer surface are recommended for refreshing the impregnation. The exact instructions for this can be found on the bottle of the impregnation spray.

Dirt or salt particles also settle on the sliders and the zippers, which can affect their functionality. If the slider does not open or close smoothly, the zipper teeth and/or slider can be damaged. At the first signs of impaired function (the zipper is difficult to open and stick, signs of corrosion on the slider), it is recommended to use a lubricating spray or gel. YKK recommends "FastenerMate" for this purpose, which is applied to the front and back of the elements. Then carefully pull the slider on and off several times to allow the lubricant to work and the slider to operate smoothly again.

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