Outdoor clothing

Outdoor clothing

Is there bad weather? Of course, but with outdoor clothing tailored to your purpose, you can still enjoy your free time and excursions into nature. Special, timeless design, high-quality materials, functionality and clean processing, nothing is left to chance. Factors which increase the pleasure of a Geoff Anderson product and at the same time extend the life cycle of the product. This protects the environment and creates friends.

Outdoor clothing

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Outdoor clothing roughly includes 3 layers: The underwear or inner layer called. This lies directly on the skin. This is followed by a warming intermediate layer. The outer layer serves to protect against weather influences such as sun, wind, rain and snow. Ideally, these layers are made of functional material, which means that moisture is wicked away from the body through the layers to the outside and you feel dry on your skin. At the same time, moisture is prevented from penetrating the functional clothing from the outside. Modern outdoor clothing supports feeling comfortable in nature. Ideally, functional clothing is tailored to the intended use. Factors to consider include function = breathability and water column, weight, thermal performance and protection against sun, wind, rain and snow. With functional clothing, worn in several layers, a wide variety of temperature ranges can be covered during an excursion into nature. They are more flexible in use and there are many advantages.

The 3-layer principle for outdoor clothing

Depending on the leisure activity, people expect a certain level of comfort from their clothing. A base layer, intermediate layer and outer layer tailored to the particular use offer advantages in this respect. A single layer is not so flexible in use. Depending on the sporting activity, one chooses from different materials. For example, the appropriate breathable material, or one increases the thermal performance of the bottom or intermediate layer in colder temperatures. The outer layer is matched with the layers underneath, depending on the season.

Outdoor clothing for winter and summer - perfectly equipped for every season

Depending on the season and weather, outdoor clothing is chosen from a wide variety of functional materials with different thermal performance and strength. The 3-layer principle is recommended. This gives you flexibility throughout the year, depending on the weather and temperature.

Outdoor clothing for everyday life

In recent years, outdoor clothing has evolved a lot. With appropriate design, functional materials and matching colors, you can find timeless outdoor clothing in all areas of everyday life.

Best quality - this is what you have to look for when buying outdoor clothing!

When buying outdoor clothing, you should pay attention to your footprint. The durability of a product is one of the decisive factors. A longer durability saves resources, energy and transportation. You can recognize a high-quality product by many details, the material and mostly already by the design. The producers have put a lot of thought into this. Pay attention to the selection of high-quality materials, zippers and accessories. A clean processing quality is very co-decisive for a longer durability. The best material will only work with a perfect finish. Ask yourself if the product has an environmentally friendly impregnation of the outer layer. Can the impregnation be degraded in nature? It is important to consider which material should come into contact with your skin. Do you want products made from petroleum on your skin, or environmentally safe Merino products, for example. Is the merino wool produced mulesing free?

Outdoor clothing for hobby and leisure

Each area of use of outdoor clothing requires specific products. When fishing, one uses breathable waders or short-cut functional wading jackets with integrated hood. Special design protects against water ingress. Functional clothing with high thermal performance protects the angler from cold in the river, wind, rain and snow.

Lightweight functional clothing that does not restrict freedom of movement or has appropriate UV protection offers advantages for climbing. High functionality and thermal performance are very important for well-being, depending on the season and physical exertion.

Hikers - trekking - prefer reliable, breathable functional clothing. Underwear and midlayers with appropriate thermal performance are matched to the use. For the outer layer, attention is paid to functionality. With the appropriate underwear, mid-layer, enjoy the outdoors even in bad weather and low temperatures. Pay attention to the protection of the head, feet and hands.

Ski touring, skiing and cross-country skiing: Breathable functional clothing to protect against wind, rain and snow. Lightweight functional underwear and mid-layers with thermal performance at different temperatures. Whether in the cold and blizzard, or for sun skiing. Headgear, socks and gloves are important.

For soccer and running, lightweight breathable functional clothing is recommended. In cold weather, light functional underwear is used underneath. For summer, material with UV protection is often used.

Breathable rainwear has a special design in the hood and hand openings. When you bend down or lift your hands, this special design prevents water from entering. At the same time, you should think about the appropriate breathable intermediate layer or breathable base layer. If these layers harmonize with each other, you can enjoy your outing very much even in the rain and different temperatures, and you feel pleasantly dry on the skin during exertion.

In hunting clothing, attention is paid to the volume of the outer material. Breathability and functionality of the material during physical exertion and protection from wind, snow and rain are important. Functional underwear and intermediate layers are chosen very selectively. The colder and the less movement the more important for health is the high thermal performance of the products. Much heat is lost through the head, neck, hands and feet.

The perfect complement from head to toe - outdoor accessories

Outdoor accessories are very important for the well-being and our health in weather conditions. A lot of heat is lost through the head, the hands and the feet and protect them at all costs when the sun is shining.

Meanwhile, many great accessories for head, face, neck, hands and feet are offered. These not only provide protection from the sun and cold, but also make your outing in nature really enjoyable......

Hoods and Beanies: models made from high quality technical merino wool. Made of 18'5 micron or Dri release with special function. Fashionable knit beanies make all the difference.

Caps: Flexfit caps and snapback caps in special design, with UV protection or water repellent.

Balaclava: Face protection against wind and weather, also made of technical merino

Neck Gaitor and Tubes: Neck, mouth and nose protection. Also made of technical merino wool, from 18.5 micron or extremely breathable as Dri Release.

Functional Gloves: As a glove, fingerless glove, or as a fold-down mitten. Made of technical merino, fleece, or for those sensitive to cold as AirBear Weather Proof.

Technical Merino socks: Liner - lightweight leisure sock, Reboot - padded outdoor sock, Woolly - short, very strong thermal performance, Bootwarmer - sock, very strong thermal performance.

Polarizing glasses reduce reflections on the water surface. This allows you to see into the water and recognize fish, for example. When fishing, one usually uses light lens colors. When the sky is overcast in bad weather and at sunrise or sunset, the light lens color is advantageous. A distinction is made between the following plastic lenses:

  • PL Polycarbonate lens in yellow, gray, brown, copper, pink, mirror blue, mirror green color
  • PH Photochromic lens in the color amber, gray. In dim light, these lenses brighten, and in bright light, the lenses darken.
  • In addition, there are PPX glass lenses in the color yellow, gray, mirror blue, pink/copper

Buy outdoor clothing online at Pijawetz

In the Pijawetz online store, you can expect a wide range of high-quality functional clothing for the outdoors. Protective functional outer layers, intermediate layers with different thermal performance and lower layers made of the highest quality technical merino.

As general importer of Geoff Anderson functional clothing for the German-speaking region, we have many years of experience and great product know-how in the field of high-quality functional clothing.

Fast delivery, secure payment and personal advice for your questions. Satisfied customers are very important to us! We are looking forward to your inquiries. Your team of the company Pijawetz