Fishing clothing

Fishing clothing

Fishing clothing has changed positively in recent years. Anglers are more fashion-conscious and increasingly rely on functional clothing and high-quality materials. Special design and helpful accessories support the demanding fisherman in his most beautiful leisure activity.

Fishing clothing includes waders and wading shoes, wading boots, breathable underwear and breathable mid-layers, as well as special wading jackets, fishing jackets, fishing vests, fishing pants, but also functional socks, headgear, face protection, gloves and much more.

Fishing clothing

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  3. GEOFF ANDERSON Teddy Hoody black
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  8. GEOFF ANDERSON Urus 6 pants moss
  9. GEOFF ANDERSON Urus 6 pants leaf
  10. GEOFF ANDERSON Dozer 6 jacket black
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Modern fishing clothing allows the angler to wade in the water and not get wet. Fishing clothing protects, for example, from rain, snow, wind and sunlight and cold. At the same time, appropriate soles on wading shoes and wading boots improve the grip on the bottom of the water, thus increasing the safety of fishing.

With functional clothing, worn in several layers, a wide variety of temperature ranges can be covered when fishing in all four seasons. Despite physical exertion, the angler feels dry, warm and protected to the outside by the innovative materials on the body .

Material and function briefly explained

Fishing clothing consists of several layers. An outer layer, which protects the angler from the outside against environmental influences. E.g. fishing jackets, wading jackets, fishing pants, waders, wading shoes and wading boots and various accessories for head, hands and feet.

With functional underwear and intermediate layers, the angler protects himself from moisture from the inside during physical exertion and gets the necessary warmth through variously warming intermediate layers. Functional clothing distributes moisture over a larger area and transports moisture more easily to the outside. The angler feels dry and warmed with the appropriate functional clothing.

Fishing clothing includes:

  • Wading Jackets
  • Fishing jackets
  • Fishing vests
  • Fishing pants
  • Waders
  • Fishing shoes or waders
  • Fishing boots
  • Fleece jackets
  • warming mid-layers
  • Functional underwear
  • Headgear, hoods and beanies
  • Face protection, full face, tubes
  • Neck protection, Neck Gaitor
  • Functional socks and socksettes
  • Gloves

Waterproof and water repellent fishing clothing

Fishing clothing protects from the outside against wind, rain and snow. Functional clothing is water repellent from the outside and at the same time transports moisture from the inside to the outside during physical exertion. Thus, the angler feels very comfortable in his clothing with the appropriate base or intermediate layer.

Waterproofness depends on many factors: The material properties (water column and breathability), from the used ex works impregnation, the tapes, quality of zippers, the exact processing, the appropriate size (bought too small, too much tension on the material). Decisive factors are also the design, e.g. integrated 3D adjustable hood on a fishing jacket, and whether the clothing is used standing up, or whether it is used to sit down in a pool of water.....

Material, processing and wearing comfort

Modern and high-quality fishing clothing is made of functional, breathable and water-repellent material. It protects against wind, water and snow from the outside. At the same time, moisture produced by the body during physical exertion is transported through all layers to the outside. The necessary warmth is provided by a combination of functional underwear and various intermediate layers. Thus one is equipped for the different temperatures.

Fishing clothing is produced with special design for specialists. Freedom of movement in the arm or back area for casting in fishing jackets, integrated 3D adjustable hood against water entry, short wading jackets for wading, hand warmers against cold, raised back parts in fishing pants for protection, special pockets and equipment details to attach accessories and much more.

Premium brands

The European brand Geoff Anderson is one of the leading suppliers in the field of functional fishing clothing

For 25 years now, high-quality special products for anglers have been developed. Nothing is left to chance. High-quality materials, clean processing and innovative, timeless design for anglers are a special concern of the designers. Attention is paid to every little detail, such as threads, YKK zippers and specially manufactured accessories from Dupont. In addition, all designers are also enthusiastic fishermen themselves and love nature. The company Pijawetz has been distributing Geoff Anderson functional clothing in German-speaking countries for many years.

Geoff Anderson outer layer:
Wading jackets water repellent: Tsuba, WS, Buteo, RaptorFishing jackets
water repellent: Tuva, Dozer, Barbarus, Barbarus Asimi linedFishing pants
water repellent: Urus, Barbarus, Barbarus Asimi lined

Geoff Anderson Functional Interlayers:

Technical Merino Evaporator top and pants,
Polartec Shearling Thermal jacket, top, pants and teddy seriesHoodie
Thermal jacket

Geoff Anderson shirts and t-shirts:
Organic T-shirtPolybrush
functional shirt UV50+Ezmar
flannel shirt and Ezmar+ flannel shirt linedGeoff

Anderson functional underwear:
Technical Merino WizWool 150 and 210

Geoff Anderson Accessories:
Technical Merino Headgear and Face Protection: Hood, Beanie, Tube, Neck Gaitor, Full Face.
Gloves Airbear: Merino Liner, Merino Fleece, Series weatherproof, models with and without fingersTechnical
Merino Socks: Liner, Reboot, Woolly and BootWarmer

The products are offered in size S to 3XL or oversize JX = 8XL.
Different colors are available.

As Geoff Anderson product specialist, Pijawetz will be happy to advise you on material, model and fit.

The brand Simms is characterized by the use of special materials and innovative ideas in waders and waders.

Product know-how, many years of experience in the production of high quality wading shoes and continuous development in material and processing often make the difference. Simms wading shoes are very durable.
Well-known names of Simms in wading shoes are:
G4 Pro BootG3
Guide BootGuide
Boa BootFlyweight
manufactures its own wading shoe with special cut for women.

simms wading boots are offered with different soles (felt sole, rubber sole (Vibram)), in different variants.
Popular are models with lacing as well as with the Boa closure system. Furthermore, the wading shoes can be upgraded with special spikes, for better grip on the water surface.

When buying waders, the fit, the quality of the material and the accuracy of workmanship is very crucial. Therefore, Simms offers a very wide range of sizes for waders. The material used, the clean processing and in the case of a repair option are crucial when buying with.
Known names of Simms waders are:
Stockingfoot is a chest-high modelPant
is waist-high model:
G4Z and G4 Pro StockingfootG3
Guide Stockingfoot and G3 Guide PantFlyweight
Calssic StockingfootFreestone
Z Stockingfoot, Freestone Stockingfoot and Freestone PantTributaryStockingfoot

, Kid'sTributary
produces waders with a special cut for women.

The Pijawetz company will be happy to help you choose the appropriate Simms model or size.

Optimal fit and the right size - what do I have to pay attention to?

Basically, most fishing clothes are offered with a uni cut for men and women.
The optimal fit and the right size will extend the life of your fishing clothing.

It is especially important to decide which products you want to wear underneath before you buy. Ask yourself the question at what temperatures you want to use the product and how many layers you need underneath. There should always be enough room for the necessary freedom of movement.

It is helpful to simulate a throwing motion, bend at the knees or sit down when trying on. With wading shoes, always try on in advance and make sure there is enough room around the toes. How many socks do you wear under the neoprene footie of the waders and will you have enough room? Wading shoes bought too large can also cause damage to the material of the waders due to friction at the heel.

For waders and wading shoes, the Simms brand offers its own women's program with special women's cuts.

Affordable premium quality

The Raptor wading jackets from Geoff Anderson offer a perfect price-performance ratio.
Top material, high quality, already produced in the sixth generation. A branded product from the specialist in which you will still have long pleasure.

Buy fishing clothing online at Pijawetz - your specialist for fishing and outdoor clothing

In the Pijawetz online store you can expect a wide range of fishing and leisure equipment for the outdoor sector. We ourselves are enthusiastic anglers.

As general importer of Geoff Anderson fishing clothing for the German-speaking countries, we have many years of experience in the field of high quality fishing clothing of different price ranges.

Fast delivery, secure payment and personal advice on your questions
,satisfied customer are very important to us! We are looking forward to your inquiries.

Your team of the company Pijawetz


Which fishing clothes do I need in winter?

Outer jackets and pants protect against wind, rain and snow. We recommend the Geoff Anderson layering principle for winter. The warmth for underneath you get by differently strong warming layers, functional underwear and intermediate layer. With these products you regulate the temperature. In addition, we recommend head and face covering, gloves and warm socks against heat loss. Warming layers need space, so be sure to have enough freedom of movement when buying fishing clothes.

What kind of fishing clothes do I need in summer?

In summer it is recommended to wear a thin and light breathable outer layer against rain and under it functional underwear. A recommendation on the skin is technical merino. Appropriate headgear protects against sunlight. Long sleeve t-shirts or shirts with UV protection are also popular. Pay attention to the water temperature when wading. Even in summer, for example, pre-Alpine rivers or alpine lakes have very cold temperatures, avoid colds by appropriately warming intermediate layers.

Is there special fishing clothing for women?

The brand Simms has developed a fishing clothing collection for women. Ladies prefer special women's cuts. In the program ladies will find waders and wading shoes, mid-layers and underwear systems, as well as wading jackets.

Are there fishing clothes in oversizes

Fishing clothes are available from size S to 3XL. The company Geoff Anderson has a special oversize JX = 8XL in the program. Let us advise you.

Can I go into salt water with normal fishing clothes?

Fishing clothing can also be made of materials that are only suitable for freshwater and not for saltwater use. Be sure to ask before buying whether the material tolerates salt water.