Stroft fishing lines

Stroft fishing lines

Stroft is a protected trademark of the company Waku in Germany. The name is composed of the letters of the words strong and soft. For over 45 years, they have been producing the highest quality fishing lines using the latest technology. The quality brand regarding monofilament and braided fishing lines!

The exceptional know-how is achieved through constant development and research in synthetic and monofilament technology and through own tests and investigations. The corresponding fishing lines are then manufactured for Stroft by the best extrusion and felching companies. The latest findings and improvements are continuously incorporated into the products. This together forms the basis for the technical superiority of Stroft products.

Stroft fishing lines

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  1. STROFT Runningline
  2. STROFT GTM 25m
  3. STROFT GTM 50m
  4. STROFT GTM 100m
  5. STROFT GTM 200m
  6. STROFT GTM 300m
  7. STROFT GTM 500m
  8. STROFT GTM 1000m
  9. STROFT GTM large spool
  10. STROFT FC 1 25m
  11. STROFT FC 1 50m
  12. STROFT FC 1 100m
  13. STROFT FC 2 10m
  14. STROFT FC 2 25m
  15. STROFT FC 2 50m
  16. STROFT FC 2 100m
  17. STROFT FC 2 500m
  18. STROFT FC 2 250m
  19. STROFT FC 2 1000m
  20. STROFT LS 25m
  21. STROFT LS 50m
  22. STROFT LS 100m
  23. STROFT LS 200m
  24. STROFT LS 300m
  25. STROFT LS 500m
  26. STROFT LS 1000m
  27. STROFT LS large spool
  28. STROFT ABR 25m
  29. STROFT ABR 50m
  30. STROFT ABR 100m
  31. STROFT ABR 200m
  32. STROFT ABR 300m
  33. STROFT ABR 500m
  34. STROFT ABR 1000m
  35. STROFT ABR large spool
  36. STROFT Predator P-6 (3-pack)
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History of fishing lines

Until about 1940, fishing lines were made from natural materials, such as silk, gut and yarn. The length was made by knotting individual pieces together. Du Pont first patented a synthetic thread made of polyamide in 1939. This allowed fishing lines to be made infinitely long and knotless, a revolution at the time. The polyamide used increased tensile strength. Specialization is crucial. In the monofilament Stroft GTM already 47 improvements have been incorporated since the first presentation, in the braided GTP already 29 improvements. This in sum makes the fine difference.

Cord brands of the company Stroft

Stroft GTM - monofilament polyamide alloy
The No.1 among the monofilaments, premium class, very strong and yet supple, highly valued in fly fishing as a leader material (blue-grey transparent)

Stroft color - monofilament polyamide alloy
Premium class, 3 colors, high visibility, great softness, otherwise similar to GTM (black, red, yellow fluorescent), ice and winter fishing, black carp fishing

Stroft LS - monofilament polyamide alloy
The strongest monofilament, low elongation, highest tensile strength. (light gray transparent)

Stroft ABR - monofil polyamide alloy
High wear and abrasion resistance, otherwise like GTM (light brown transparent), for sport fishermen who practice fishing intensively.

Stroft N - monofilament polyamide alloy
Upper medium class, good breaking strain values, fine tuning for suppleness and softness. (crystal white), all types of fishing

Stroft FC1 - monofilament fluorocarbon
Highest knot tensile strength measured on fluorocarbon lines. Special properties: Abrasion resistance, stretch sensitivity, casting life, visibility. Popularly used as lace material. (Crystal transparent)

Stroft FC2 - monofilament Fluorocarbon
Balanced properties measured against fluorocarbon lines. With slightly lower knot carrying capacity than FC1. Popularly used as a main line. (Crystal transparent)

Stroft GTP Type R - polyfil braided UHMWPE
Round and strong, lowest elongation, high tensile strength, best casting properties. Braid of highest quality Peak UHMWPE fibers with up to 8 strands. (Light gray, green, orange, yellow, pink, light blue, dark brown, red, multicolor)

Stroft GTP Type E - polyfil braided UHMWPE
Round and strong, very flat surface, lowest elongation, high tensile strength. Silent top casting properties. Finest braiding in multi-strand process from highest quality Peak Micro UHMWPE fibers.

Stroft GTP Type S - polyfil braided UHMWPE
Round and strong, smooth like monofilament, lowest elongation, highest tensile strength. Silent top casting properties. Finest braiding in multi-strand process from highest quality Peak Micro UHMWPE fibers.

More Stroft products

Stroft NiTi Monowire and NiTi Polywire - predator fishing leader Nickel Titanium alloy Monowire is stiffer than Polywire which consists of several wires. Therefore, for connections with clinch knots, we recommend Polywire from 0.30mm.

Stroft rubber fish - special design
optimal movement behavior, larger tail plate, gill cover and fins or scale structure for turbulence generation. Oscillating tail fin, hand painted color gradient. In 6cm, 10cm, 14cm, 18cm and 22cm and each in 8 colors.

Leader rings with mounting aid

Available in 6 thicknesses, load capacity 8kg to 150kg and ring thickness 0.4mm to 1.4mm.

Stroft GTM pulled fly leaders

Made of GTM material, the No. 1 premium class monofilament! 4 lengths with 11 tip thicknesses each, blue-grey transparent. Packed per piece or in an environmentally friendly set of 3.

Stroft leather leader case - for 6 pcs. pulled Stroft leaders

Stroft leader spool system - as 3 pcs. or 5 pcs. Stroft
Cutter Ring St
roft Spool

Holder for 5 spools or 3 spools
Stroft Short Strap

Stroft Runningline - Flat Mono

With flat rectangular cross section, low diameter without coating, easy handling, high casting distances, perfectly tuned elongation. Smooth and curl free, 35 m spool in 25lbs, 35lbs, 42lbs and 50 lbs. (light blue matt)

The company Pijawetz GmbH is general importer for Stroft fishing lines and Stroft accessories in Austria. Lines are freshly spooled for us. Based in Kindberg, we supply retailers and end customers from a wide range of fishing areas. We are happy to assist you with product inquiries. We would be pleased to convince you of the high Stroft product quality. Further information about Stroft fishing lines and Stroft accessories can be found at