Location: Neuberg an der Mürz - Kapellen in the Mürzer Oberland, Styria
Length: 6.9 km
Width: approx. 15 to 25 m
District boundaries: in the direction of flow upper district boundary bridge in Neuberg (former railway station) - lower district boundary between Kapellen and Kohleben, junction towards Bärntal. A fishing sanctuary is designated between the station bridge in Neuberg and the confluence of the Mühlbach. Fishing is prohibited in this area between October 15th and March 15th.

Fish occurrence: Grayling, brown trout, rainbow trout
Fish harvest: up to 3 trouts, grayling protected all year round

Combination licences, annual licences and dy licences: limited
Licences issued by Pijawetz on +43 (0)676 83388100 

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Fishing season from March 16 to December 31.
Owned by ÖBf AG, Forstbetrieb Steiermark



The Mürz Kapellen offers a varied dry and nymph fishery due to the structure of the water. Brown trout feel at home in the wide stretches with partly coarse rocks, pools and washed-out banks with numerous shelters. The long trickling stretches are ideal for dry fly fishing for grayling.

The fish population in this section has been growing naturally and sustainably for many years. Due to the bed load and the high number of feeding animals, the fish are well-fed, strong and beautifully marked.

Nature in the Mürzer Oberland is at its most beautiful. There are numerous culinary options just around the corner.


Mürz Kapellen