Fishing lines

Fishing lines

Fishing lines are made of different materials. Stroft produces monofilament lines made of polyamide alloy. Furthermore, monofilament lines made of fluorocarbon (very difficult to see under water) are also produced. Polyfile lines made of UHMWPE are braided lines and consist of several strands.

Attention, there are different qualities of fishing lines. The decisive factors are abrasion resistance, softness or suppleness, stiffness, visibility, light resistance, saltwater resistance, casting and running properties and durability.

Fishing lines

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  1. STROFT GTM 25m
  2. STROFT GTM 50m
  3. STROFT GTM 100m
  4. STROFT GTM 200m
  5. STROFT GTM 300m
  6. STROFT GTM 500m
  7. STROFT GTM 1000m
  8. STROFT LS 50m
  9. STROFT FC 1 25m
  10. STROFT FC 1 50m
  11. STROFT FC 2 25m
  12. STROFT FC 2 50m
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The right line for the right fish

Depending on the target fish and the type of water, one uses lines specially adapted to the type of fishing. A distinction is made between monfile and braided fishing lines.

Fishing lines for fly fishing

For fly fishing, special monofilament leader spools and leaders tapered to the tip are used. Depending on the target fish, leader materials with different material properties are used. Stroft GTM is often referred to as the No. 1 monofilament in fly fishing. The material is strong and supple. Stroft LS is one of the strongest monofilaments. The material is characterized by the low elongation with the highest tensile values. Stroft Fluorocarbon is used for nymph and streamer fishing, this material is very difficult to see under water.

Fishing lines for carp

Monofilament fishing lines are mostly used for carp fishing. The monofilament ABR from Stroft is an excellent choice. With this fishing line made of polyamide, the tuning focus is on wear and abrasion resistance. Fluorocarbon FC1 and FC2 from Stroft are also used as leader material.

Fishing lines for pike

When fishing for pike, monofilament fishing lines are usually used as the main line. As a predator leader we recommend Stroft NiTi Monowire and Stroft NiTi Polywire. These have the highest bite strength, super elasticity, easy knotability, best possible shape memory and highest knot carrying capacity, sufficient elongation and non-reflective surface.

Fishing lines for catfish

For catfish fishing the braided Stroft GTP fishing line R8 to R12 is suitable. A line with low elongation at the highest tensile strengths, which has the best casting properties. The fine braid is made of highest quality Peak- UHMWPE fibers with up to 8 strands and is available in numerous colors.

Fishing line types

Monofilament lines

Are transparent lines available in several colors and, depending on the type of line, have special properties required for the specific application. Stroft GTM, Color, LS, ABR

Braided lines

For fishing where low elongation with high tensile strength and good casting properties are required. Stroft GTP Type R, Type E, Type S

Flurocarbon lines

Mostly used as leader material under water. Is very difficult to detect under water and has high abrasion resistance. Stroft FC 1, Stroft FC 2

The most popular fishing line brands

Stroft brand has been one of the leading fishing line brands in the EU for 45 years. Technical know-how, continuous development and German accuracy are the basis for reliable premium fishing lines at the highest level. When it comes to fishing lines, it is especially important to be able to rely on the values and quality indicated on the line. Therefore, the Stroft brand is highly appreciated by anglers internationally.

Fishing line guide

Connecting fishing lines

Do you know the Stroft fishing knot booklet with 22 safe connections? Each connection is described and explained in detail with its application, breaking strain and special features. Depending on the application and target fish, different fishing line materials with special properties are used. Hence the different knots specially adapted to the intended use. It is recommended to practice knots at home first.

Fast sinking fishing lines

Monofilament and braided fishing lines sink due to specific properties and bait selection.

Load capacity

The carrying capacity indicates the load capacity of the fishing line. Depending on the water and the target fish, you choose from different strengths with different carrying capacity values.

Buy fishing lines online - Pijawetz offers ..

Pijawetz GmbH has been selling Stroft fishing lines to the specialized trade and end customers for many years. Stroft premium fishing lines are available in a wide variety of materials, depending on the intended use, and have been among the most reliable fishing lines on the market for over 45 years. As a general importer, we have the corresponding knowledge. In addition, the lines are freshly spooled for Pijawetz. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have about Stroft fishing lines. Well-known Stroft line brands are e.g.: Stroft GTM, Stroft color, Stroft LS, Stroft ABR, Stroft FC1, Stroft FC2, Stroft GTP type R, Stroft GTP type E, Stroft GTP type S. You can get an overview at