1. Maintain Breathable Jackets and Pants

    Maintain Breathable Jackets and Pants

    wie pflegt man die Außenschicht richtig.....

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  2. Sascha Hausmann

    Sascha Hausmann

    Have fun in what you do!

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  3. Andreas Papesch

    Andreas Papesch

    You never stop learning!

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  4. Fredrik Harbort

    Fredrik Harbort

    Travel the world with a fishing rod!

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  5. Stefan Seuß

    Stefan Seuß

    Fishing is adventure and freedom!

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  6. Sven Dombach

    Sven Dombach

    Feel the element and be free!

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  7. Lukas Folk

    Lukas Folk

    Can't catch em sitting at the dock!

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  8. Wolfgang Pijawetz

    Wolfgang Pijawetz

    Fly fishing should never degenerate into work!

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  9. Babs Kijewski

    Babs Kijewski

    Enjoy every moment in nature!

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  10. Johannes Martin

    Johannes Martin

    No gain without diligence!

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  11. Johann Troppacher "The Haunzz"

    Johann Troppacher "The Haunzz"

    Keep on rockin' in a free world!

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  12. Andreas Gumilar

    Andreas Gumilar

    Carpe diem - appreciate every day being at the water!

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