GEOFF ANDERSON Dozer 6 jacket / Urus 6 pants leaf S-3XL set

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Strong and waterproof fishing and outdoor pants.
Set GEOFF ANDERSON Dozer 6 jacket / Urus 6 pants leaf S-3XL set

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    • waterproof (10.000mm)
    • breathable (12.600g)
    • windproof
    • stronger against weather and rain
    • "soft" Velcro closures
    • layers principle: outside (3rd layer)


    • 3D adustable hood
    • collar separated, lined inside with fleece
    • button to fix the rolled hood at collar
    • from size XL: more place in shoulder and armpit area
    • reinforced elbows
    • hand adjustment with velcro on the sleeves
    • hand tubes with thumb slots at sleeve ends
    • lined with fleece/mesh inside
    • durable and strong YKK front zipper
    • adjustable at waist and hem (pocket inside)
    • D-ring on the back as mounting option
    • 1 inside pocket with YKK zipper
    • 1 Napoleon pocket with YKK zipper, water-repellent
    • 2 chest pockets with YKK zipper, water-repellent
    • 2 front pockets with magnetic closures
    • 1 large back pocket with YKK zipper
    • 3XL size changed (more freedom of movement than 3XL from Dozer 5)


    • removable braces, adjustable
    • high back
    • belt - not included
    • elastic waistband at the back
    • waistband adjustable with velcro
    • back and knees reinforced
    • lined inside with polyester lining
    • extra long YKK zipper at the leg end, additional to fix with velcro
    • leg: with additional fabric inside of the extra long YKK zipper
    • size 3XL and JX are without zipper and velcro at the leg end, therefore the pants can be shortened.
    • 2 pockets with YKK zipper, water-repellent
    • 2 side pockets with velcro and snap button

    Copyright Fa. Pijawetz

    1 = collar
    2 = chest circumference
    3 = inseam arm
    4 = sleeve length outside (from neck to ankle) 
    5 = hip circumference
    6 = waist circumference
    7 = leg length outside
    8 = inseam leg
    9 = head circumference 
    10 = back length (center back measured from neck to jacket hem)


    Dozer 6 jacket:

      S M L XL 2XL 3XL JX
    2 122 125 128 132 133 136 148
    4 77 81 83 85 88 88 88
    6 116 120 122 124 128 130 146
    10 76 78 81 83 84 86 89

    Urus 6 pants:

      S M L XL 2XL 3XL JX
    5 102 110 116 120 124 132 160
    6 78-90 78-92 88-100 94-106 100-114 103-118 138-150
    8 79 81 81 83 84 84 85

    Shell: 100% Polyamid, Lining1: 100% Polyester, Lining2: 100% Polyamid

    T.S.F. is an innovative material providing excellent protection from the elements. A durable and tough fabric with superior waterproofing (10.000mm), breathability (12.600g) and heat reflective capabilities. T.S.F is the ideal third layer for all outdoor activities, except the most physically demanding activities. T.S.F allows excess heat and moisture to evaporate without compromising waterproofing, leaving you dry and comfortable. Strong Nylon fabric with Eco® treatment. Non toxic. PFOA free. Body material is made from The System Fabric. Stands machine washing which is unique for membranes and does not delaminate it keeps on going year after year.

    Copyright Fa. Pijawetz

    After use, always store the items of clothing in a dry and airy place, never store them damp. Mildew and even mold could form and the lifespan of the product will automatically be shortened. Please note the care instructions on the labels!

    (waterproof outerwear by Geoff Anderson)
    Wash gently only if necessary, we recommend hand washing. If the jacket or trousers have no smell or are slightly dirty, it is recommended to wash the product only with water, i.e. without detergent. Be sure to follow the care instructions on the label. Light dirt on the outside can often be removed with a damp cloth and running water. Close all zippers and Velcro fasteners before washing. Before machine washing, turn the product inside out. When machine washing, use a gentle washing program without a spin cycle. Use detergents suitable for membrane clothing. For Geoff Anderson outerwear we recommend Grangers Performance Wash. Please adhere to the dosage instructions given. If necessary, rinse again afterwards using a rinsing program. Do not use fabric softeners and/or bleach as these can be harmful to the function of the membrane and the fibers. Hang the clothing to dry immediately after washing.

    Insider tip: In order to additionally protect the surface structure of the material, it is recommended to impregnate the jacket or trousers before using them for the first time. This means that the industrial impregnation is retained for longer. Re-impregnate if necessary. Please be sure to avoid washing-in impregnations with Geoff Anderson products. We recommend a special spray from Grangers: Grangers Performance Repel Plus Spray,  which is sprayed directly onto the wet or damp external surface. The exact instructions for this can be found on the bottle of the waterproofing spray. 

    Dirt or salt particles also settle on the  and zippers, which can impair the functionality. After use in salt water or contamination, clean with lukewarm water. If the slider does not open or close smoothly, the teeth of the zipper and/or the slider may be damaged. At the first signs of functional impairment (the zipper is difficult to open and is stuck, signs of corrosion on the slider), we recommend using a lubricating spray or gel. We recommend this Gear Aid Zip Care.

    After application, carefully pull the slider up and down several times without force so that the lubricant can work and the slider works smoothly again.

    Copyright Pijawetz

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