Wading Jackets

Wading jacket

A wading jacket is a short-cut special jacket that allows the angler to go deeper into the water (wade) than with a conventional longer jacket. A wading jacket rests on the hip and, depending on the quality, is equipped with numerous extras for the particular use. When fishing, the wading jacket is usually worn in conjunction with waders. Special design also offers high freedom of movement and important protection from rain through the integrated hood.

Wading jackets enjoy great popularity due to the shortness of the cut in contrast to longer jackets in various areas outside of fishing.

Modern wading jackets are usually made of breathable material. Through the right combination of breathable underwear, or in conjunction with various breathable intermediate layers (layer principle), the wearing comfort is increased and the wading jacket can thus be used in different temperature ranges.

Wading Jackets

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Function of a wading jacket

Exertion creates moisture on the body. Breathable underwear or intermediate layers absorb this moisture from the body, distribute this moisture over a larger area of the material and then transport the moisture through the breathable material of the wading jacket to the outside. At the same time, the breathable material of the wading jacket with the appropriate impregnation protects against the penetration of wind, rain and snow.

What are the parts of the wading jacket

A wading jacket consists of the jacket (with various width-adjustable adjustments), a collar (protects against wind) and an integrated hood (adjustable). The cuffs are also adjustable. The wading jacket is equipped with various closable inside and outside pockets, as well as numerous fastening options for various tools.

Material and workmanship - premium quality

Yes, there are premium wading jackets and wading jackets! Convince yourself! The quality of the used material or accessories, the innovative design and the exact processing is extremely important!

The Tsuba 3 model from Geoff Anderson is a premium wading jacket. This is a saltwater resistant, super lightweight and non-porous wading jacket with extremely durable outer fabric. It is waterproof, windproof, breathable and suitable for fresh and saltwater use. Parts of the jacket are Oeko-Tex certified. The material comes from Scandinavia and the jacket is produced in Europe.

Features of the Tsuba 3 Premium wading jacket from Geoff Anderson:

Saltwater resistant and water repellent YKK zippers, hood design three-dimensionally adjustable, push button to attach the rolled up hood to the collar, collar separately width adjustable, collar inside lined with fleece, shoulders seamless, one-hand adjustment by strong Hypalon wrist closures with Velcro, neoprene inner lining at the sleeve end, width adjustable by one-hand adjustment at the jacket hem, micro foam holder, D-ring at the back, 2 attachment rings, 2 magnetic attachment possibilities (removable), fixed so that they do not stick to each other, 1 retractable fastening ring (pin on reel) in the left zipper pocket on the chest, 2 microfoam fastening options, 1 Velcro tool holder, 1 inside pocket with YKK zipper, 2 hand warmer pockets with magnetic closures, 3 chest pockets with YKK zippers, water repellent (including 1 double pocket), 1 large back pocket with magnetic closures, layer principle: outside (3. Layer)

A breathable wading jacket? Does it exist?

Breathable wading jackets increase the wearing comfort and offer many advantages over conventional material. At the same time, it is important to look at the exact workmanship and the materials used when buying a wading jacket. For example, is the material resistant to salt water? With the material of your choice, the equipment suitable for you and appropriate design, the wading jacket should give a lot of pleasure for a long time.

Types of wading jackets

Wading jackets differ in material. Pay attention to the breathability and water column, or strength of the material and the processing. Is the material suitable for fresh or salt water use? At what temperatures do you need the wading jacket? There are very big differences in design and features.

Wading jackets from Geoff Anderson

The brand Geoff Anderson, based in the EU, is one of the top suppliers of high quality and functional wading jackets of different price ranges. About 25 years ago the first breathable wading jacket was designed for the European market. Priceless experience which is still incorporated in the latest generations of wading jackets from Geoff Anderson! The responsible persons and designers are all enthusiastic anglers themselves and love the nature! This can be seen in the many details that make the wading jackets from Geoff Anderson to something special.

Wading Jacket Geoff Anderson Raptor:
Ideal value for money, durable, waterproof and breathable, for fresh and saltwater use.

Wading Jacket Geoff Anderson Buteo:
Waterproof, breathable, for fresh and saltwater use, latest material technology, special design and many extras.

Wading Jacket Geoff Anderson WS:
Lightweight and durable, waterproof, breathable, for fresh and salt water use, innovative design and high quality features.

Wading Jacket Geoff Anderson Tsuba:
Special product of the highest quality with special equipment and countless features. Super light and non-porous with very durable outer material, salt water resistant, material and production in Europe.

Geoff Anderson uses only selected quality materials for his wading jackets. Dupont, YKK and many more. The brand impresses with the excellent workmanship of the products and innovative design. Nothing is left to chance in the selection of individual parts.

Wading jackets from Simms

Simms is an American brand which produces wading jackets of different price ranges. Numerous wading jackets from Simms are made of GoreTex material.

Optimal fit of a wading jacket

Most brands tailor wading jackets for men/women in so-called uni cuts, which can be worn by both men and women. The brand Simms manufactures its own wading jacket women's collection.

It is important to decide before buying a wading jacket at what temperatures you want to use the product. The rule is, the colder, the more functional layers you wear as a base or intermediate layer under the wading jacket. Therefore, it is advisable to always allow enough space for the lower layers and to pay attention to freedom of movement in the shoulder area (casting movements when fishing) with the wading jacket.

Most wading jackets are available in sizes S to 3XL. Geoff Anderson functional clothing also offers the oversize JX = 8XL for wading jackets.

Does proper care extend the life of a wading jacket?

A breathable wading jacket requires care and gentle handling of the material. Be careful not to damage the material by hooks or in case of falls. Beware of thorns and sharp branches when crossing bushes.

Sometimes it is enough to hang the wading jacket outside for airing or to clean the light dirt carefully with a soft, damp cloth. To keep the pores open or not to lose the breathability it is recommended to wash the wading jacket sometimes. Be sure to use the recommended detergents of the manufacturer. Pay attention to the temperature during the washing process, do not use fabric softener and do not spin, but hang up dripping wet. Before washing, be sure to read the recommendations on the product labels.

Depending on the impregnation, it is recommended to re-impregnate wading jackets with suitable agents after a certain period of time. Caution, not all agents are suitable for all materials. Be sure to use environmentally friendly impregnations. Wash-in impregnations are not suitable for Geoff Anderson, only spray-on impregnations are recommended. When using salt water, regular washing of the salt water crystals out of the material or components is particularly important. Do not forget to take care of zippers, snaps, accessories.

Have a lot of fun with your wading jacket.

What do I wear under a wading jacket?

A breathable wading jacket is worn as an outer layer to protect against wind, rain and snow. The desired warmth you get from the layers underneath. To feel comfortable, you need different warming, breathable layers depending on the season.
As a functional base layer, for example, functional underwear made of technical merino (WizzWool 150 and 210 by Geoff Anderson) is highly recommended. A natural product from merino sheep with a low synthetic content in various thicknesses or thermal performance.
The intermediate layers give you additional possibilities to equip yourself for the cold season. E.g. Technical Merino Evaporator 3 with medium thermal performance or Thermal 3 Polartec Sherling Fleece with high thermal performance from Geoff Anderson for the very cold season.

Pure cotton layers retain moisture and release it only slowly. Therefore, breathable intermediate layers are recommended.

Wading jackets for fly fishing, sea trout fishing and angling

Main use of wading jackets for fishing are the field of fly fishing, spin fishing, sea trout fishing, inshore fishing. Fishing in the sea, lakes, rivers and streams. The range of use is in fresh water and also in salt water.

The short cut wading jacket allows anglers in combination with waders to wade deeper in the water and due to the short cut to go further into the water than with longer conventional jackets.

Each type of fishing has its own characteristics and requires special equipment of the wading jacket. Depending on the model, the wading jacket can be equipped with accessories such as release pliers, pince-nez, floatation aids, leader material, bait, tins for flies and accessories and wading landing net and much more.

Only for anglers? Not at all - the wading jacket for leisure and profession

The wading jacket for farmers and pond keepers, fishing companies

Wading jackets are not only used for fishing, but are often used for commercial purposes in fishing companies and by pond farmers or farmers and foresters. The short cut to the hip often offers great advantages over longer jackets, e.g. it makes it easy to get in and out of a vehicle. Compared to conventional outdoor jackets, a firmly integrated hood offers special protection against wind and rain. The neck or neck remains well protected.

The wading jacket for cleaning ponds and biotopes

Due to the short cut of the wading jacket and in connection with waders it is possible to wade deeper into the water of ponds and biotopes. At the same time, a wading jacket offers special protection from wind and rain due to the firmly integrated hood. The short cut also makes it easier to get in or out of a vehicle.

The wading jacket when cycling or on the road with the canoe, kayak or Canadian canoe

Due to the short cut, wading jackets are also often used when cycling and in connection with boats, e.g. canoe, kayak or canadier. Longer jackets are often disturbing. The wading jacket sits on the hip. Wading jackets beiten by the special design, with the firmly connected hood, a very good protection against wind and rain.

The wading jacket as a functional jacket and leisure jacket

A short cut wading jacket, sitting on the hip, is an all-rounder. Breathable, extremely light, or robust. With the special design, a firmly integrated hood, it often impresses in everyday life and protects in the area of neck, neck and through the adjustable sleeve cuffs especially against wind and rain. The functional wading jacket usually offers a lot of freedom of movement in the area of the shoulders. In addition, wading jackets often have numerous options to attach accessories to the outside of the jacket or to stow in numerous pockets.

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With which fishing vests can a wading jacket be combined?

Combination 1: Modern wading jackets offer a lot of storage space to attach accessories to the outside of the jacket or to stow them in the countless pockets. In the colder season you often do not need a fly or fishing vest.

Combination 2: Another method is to pull a larger cut fly vest over the wading jacket. The fly vest in this combination must be larger than the wading jacket. This allows you to quickly access the accessories of the fly vest. The wading jacket underneath protects against rain. Disadvantage, the fly vest gets wet as the outermost layer.

Combination 3: Some anglers prefer to wear the fly vest under the wading jacket. In this case, be sure to buy the wading jacket larger. The angler is protected from the rain. However, if one needs access to an accessory of the fly vest, the wading jacket must be opened and one gets wet. Caution: There are often sharp materials attached to the fly vest and these can damage the material of the overlying wading jacket.

Combination 4: Anglers use so-called sling packs over the wading jacket. Like a small backpack which is worn only over one shoulder. When in use, the sling pack is simply pulled from the back to the belly and vice versa, without having to be removed from the body. This variant allows a lot of freedom of movement for the angler.

Are there special wading jackets for ladies?

Ladies prefer special women's cuts. Most companies produce common uni cuts for ladies and men in wading jackets. The company Simms has wading jackets with a special women's cut in its program.

Are there wading jackets in oversizes

Wading jackets are available from size S to 3XL. The company Geoff Anderson has a special oversize JX = 8XL in the program. Let us advise you.

Can I go into salt water with the wading jacket?

There are wading jackets with materials that are only suitable for freshwater and not for saltwater use. Therefore, ask before buying whether the material, the accessories and the zipper of the wading jacket are suitable for salt water.

What do you wear under the wading jacket?

Under a wading jacket, you ideally wear a bottom layer to protect you from the cold and one or more intermediate layers in between.

Depending on the thermal performance of these products, you can put together the desired thermal performance. Thus, the wading jacket can be used at different temperatures.
In the case of a breathable wading jacket, it is recommended to choose also the bottom layer and the intermediate layer made of breathable materials.

Materials made of cotton bind moisture for a very long time and it is very difficult to get dry again.

We recommend natural products as a base layer on the skin, for example, WizWool Technical Merino from Geoff Anderson. As an intermediate layer depending on the thermal performance Evaporator3 or Thermal 3 Polartec Sherling Fleece from Geoff Anderson.