Vosseler DC 2

VOSSELER DC2 large arbor fly reel

Vosseler Tryst

VOSSELER Tryst carbon large arbor fly reel

VOSSELER S fly reel

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Originally developed for salmon and predator fishing, the robust reel has found many friends for saltwater use.
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  • large arbor
  • lightweight and strong
  • self-lubricating disc brake
  • weight: S1/222gr., S1,5/226gr., S2/236gr., S3/259gr.
  • deepth of spool: S1/18mm, S1,5/17mm, S2/23mm, S3/23mm
  • width of spool: S1/29mm, S1,5/32mm, S2/34mm, S3/34mm
  • width of reel (without handle) S1/48mm, S1,5/50,5mm, S2+S3/53mm
  • diameter of reel (without reelfoot): S1/93mm, S1,5/98mm, S2/103mm, S3/113mm
  • incl. reel case

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  • Gewicht g: S1/222, S1,5/226, S2/236, S3/259
  • Spulentiefe mm: S1/18, S1,5/17, S2/23, S3/23
  • Spulenbreite mm: S1/29, S1,5/32, S2/34, S3/34 
  • Rollenbreite mm (ohne Kurbel): S1/48, S1,5/50,5, S2+S3/53
  • Rollendurchmesser mm (ohne Rollenfuß): S1/93, S1,5/98, S2/103, S3/113