Vosseler fly reels

The Vosseler brand has been producing fly reels in Germany at the very highest level for many years. The manufactory for fly reels stands for highest precision, very high quality of workmanship and tradition. A connection between innovative design and high tech. You can feel in every Vosseler fly reel the passion that is given to fly fishing. Made in the EU at reasonable prices!

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  1. VOSSELER Passion Alu fly reel
  2. VOSSELER DC2 large arbor fly reel
  3. VOSSELER Tryst carbon large arbor fly reel
  4. VOSSELER Air One large arbor fly reel
  5. VOSSELER EDC large arbor spare spool
  6. VOSSELER DC2 large arbor spare spool
  7. VOSSELER Air One and Air Two large arbor spare spool
  8. VOSSELER Air Two Großkern Fliegenrolle
  9. VOSSELER Tryst Ersatzspule
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Vosseler develops high quality fly reels in Germany . On the most modern precision machines, with the highest quality and tradition, fly reels of exceptional design are created. Beauty of form, technology, innovation, smooth running, precise workmanship, product quality and durability are just a few points why fly fishermen in fresh and salt water come to rave about your Vosseler fly reel.

Vosseler fly reels - Quality made in Germany

What is the Vosseler brand specialized in?

The Vosseler brand specializes in high-quality fly reels for light single-handed to heavy two-handed fly fishing. All areas of use in freshwater and saltwater are covered with Vosseler fly reels. Vosseler fly reels are available from line classes 3 to 12.

Since when does the brand exist?

The Vosseler brand was founded in 1992. Since then, all components for Vosseler fly reels have been further developed, manufactured and assembled in the Black Forest. The name Vosseler stands for exceptional fly reels of the highest quality and beauty of form.

What distinguishes Vosseler fly reels?

Vosseler fly reels are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. Constructed, designed and manufactured on state-of-the-art machinery. High-tech carbon, polished aluminum and a production depth of 100% make the fine difference. Whether design, weight, smooth running, brake, processing and contact persons. Everything from one house, from the specialist from Germany at a fair price!

Durability and highest quality - for beginners and professionals

Vosseler fly reels are used by fly fishermen from a wide range of applications in fresh and salt water. From youngsters to instructors, Vosseler fly reels give pleasure and are a reliable companion. Due to the durability and exceptional design, the fly reels are often passed on to future generations. The price comparison and made in Germany pay off!


Product range of Vosseler

Vosseler fly reels and replacement spools are available in a wide variety of series and designs in the following line classes:

Vosseler fly reel Air One - #3-4 #5-6
Vosseler fly reel Air Two - #3-4, #5-6, #7-8
Vosseler fly reel DC2 - #3-4, #5-6, #7-8 V

osseler fly reel

Tryst aluminum and carbon - #3-4, #5-6, #7-8 V

osseler fly reel

Passion aluminum and carbon - #3-4, #5-6, #7-8, #9-10, #10-12
Remember the Vosseler fly reel series RC and RCL?

Spare parts/replacement reels from Vosseler

Vosseler manufactures all reel parts and replacement spools locally in Germany. Therefore it is possible to request spare parts and replacement spools. Vosseler's specialists are happy to help with their know-how. Satisfied customers are very important to Vosseler.