Royal Wulff fly lines

The Royal Wulff brand was founded in 1980 and is a specialist in patented Triangle Taper fly lines for freshwater and saltwater use in fly fishing. The WF club lines developed by Lee Wulff revolutionized the fly fishing scene and enabled a new quality in the presentation or transport of flies, nymphs and streamers. Royal Wulff fly lines are easy to cast and stand for innovation and highest quality. Enjoy your exciting fly fishing trip in the nature.

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  1. ROYAL WULFF JWS Signature J3
  2. ROYAL WULFF Triangle Taper Plus J3
  3. ROYAL WULFF Triangle Taper Classic J3 2-tone
  4. ROYAL WULFF Ambush TT J3 floating
  5. ROYAL WULFF Ambush TT short J3 floating
  6. ROYAL WULFF Ambush Neutralizer
  7. ROYAL WULFF Ambush TT Clear Tip J3
  8. ROYAL WULFF Ambush Shooting Head
  9. ROYAL WULFF Bamboo Special
  10. ROYAL WULFF Triangle Taper Sink Tip
  11. ROYAL WULFF Triangle Taper Nymph Indicator J3
  12. ROYAL WULFF Triangle Taper Bass J3
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What does Royal Wulff specialize in?

The Wulff brand specializes in high quality WF - weight forward - club lines, called Triangle Taper fly lines, for freshwater and saltwater fly fishing. The patented clubs and the high-quality material or coating are constantly being developed further and enjoy great popularity internationally among fly fishermen and instructors.

Since when does the brand exist?

Tradition, innovation and modernity! Since 1980 Joan Wulff produced fly fishing products in cooperation with her husband Lee Wulff. Joan, "the first fly fishing woman in America" with the renowned Wulff School of Fly Fishing, near New York, popularized fly fishing in America with her lectures, publications and presentations. Her husband Lee, one of the best-known pioneers of the fly fishing scene, was already traveling the world with fly rods at that time and developed, among other things, the patented Triangle Taper club lines. A few years ago there was an exciting story about this at the EWF (int. Erlebniswelt Fliegenfischen)! We were told how the first Triangle Taper clubs were documented as an idea on a piece of paper during a flight. At that time a revolution in the field of modern fly lines. Before that DT Double Taper fly lines were produced. As a fly fisherman, you probably also know the famous Royal Wulff dry fly.

What distinguishes the fly lines from Royal Wulff?

There are many positive points. Royal Wulff fly lines have particularly fine-tuned clubs - Triangle Taper Design - WF forward. These patented club tapers at the transition to the running line have been further developed for decades in freshwater and saltwater. Produced with high quality materials at 3M. There is a large selection of freshwater and saltwater lines, specially adapted to the respective application. This allows the finest presentations or, for example, the transport of heavier baits, or, if desired, respectable casting distances. Modern, innovative, high quality and at the same time developed from practical experience. Special coatings reduce water mist when the floating fly lines take off, the floating behavior of the fly lines is ideal. Royal Wulff fly lines are supplied with an integrated Loop & Junction, thus a fly leader can be easily tied to the fly line. Royal Wulff fly lines are finely tuned to the respective line class, available in many line classes and colors and the rods are therefore not, as is often the case, overloaded with weight.

Perfect quality for beginners & professionals

Royal Wulff WF weight forward Triangle Taper fly lines are due to the innovative design and high quality best suited for beginners, advanced and for instructors. They are very popular in the international fly fishing scene in freshwater and in cold and warm saltwater. Just try it, it's worth it!

Product range of Royal Wulff

Depending on the target fish, area of use and water, it is recommended to use fly lines with specially tailored club. For freshwater, cold and warm saltwater, different materials are also used in production.

Known Royal Wulff fly lines for freshwater:

  • Triangle Taper Classic and 2-colored - floating, slow sinking, sinking, sink tip
  • Triangle Taper plus Triangle Taper
  • Bass Triangle Taper Nymph Indicator
  • Joan Wulff Signature
  • Bamboo
  • Predator with clear tip
  • Ambush - floating, clear tip, neutralizer, floating, short club, half line grade

Royal Wulff fly lines for saltwater:

  • Triangle Taper saltwaterand 2-color - floating, slow sinking, monoclear
  • Triangle Taper Bermuda saltwater - floating, floating/slow sinking, slow sinking

Royal Wulff steelhead and salmon fly lines:

  • Triangle Taper floating
  • Super Spey

Royal Wulff shooting head and running line:

  • Ambush club and Tracer running line

Royal Wulff fly line cleaner

Material and design

Royal Wulff fly lines are produced by the renowned company 3M. The most modern machines and highest quality materials are used. Materials and the respective Triangle Taper form are constantly being further developed.

Accessories from Royal Wulff

Besides Royal Wulff fly lines, Royal Wulff fly line cleaners, Royal Wulff oval backing and Royal Wulff GSP Ultra backing are offered.