Geoff Anderson functional clothing

Designing and manufacturing under the Geoff Anderson brand since 1998. A lot of time is invested in the development of innovative products and numerous refined details. Intensive work is done between the development phase and the market launch on the most multifunctional solution in terms of processing, material and functionality to present high-quality products in a modern, timeless design.

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GEOFF ANDERSON confronts with an extraordinary concept:

Pure well-being experience
- refined in detail
- modern timeless design
- responsible towards nature

During production, attention is paid to the smallest details. Nothing is left to chance. Design and materials are continuously developed even for existing products. Ideas come from the field, from the teenager to the hardened globetrotter and the Geoff Anderson brand ambassadors. The advice and experience of a wide variety of users are crucial for the development regarding multifunctional use of the products.

Already at the founding of the company, with the introduction of the ultimate functional fishing jacket, this commitment paid off. The product was sold out after only two weeks. The second production was also sold out in advance and this is how the coming years went. At that time, the collection consisted of only a few products. Many of them have been reworked several times and still exist today. The products are specially designed for demanding all-rounders. Whether for hiking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, winter sports, dealing with animals, or in everyday business life - nature is Geoff Anderson's home, reliability and well-being are writ large.

It is important to meet different customer demands in terms of weather protection, wearing comfort or functionality. Geoff Anderson products are functional and timeless in design. For the required performance of the product only selected quality materials are used.

The manufacturer, the employees and the company Pijawetz as a distributor in the German-speaking area, are proud of the high-quality products of Geoff Anderson. Let's enjoy our stay in nature together with functional clothing from Geoff Anderson.

Armin Pijawetz
Managing Director Pijawetz GmbH
Distributor for Geoff

in German speaking countries and other countries.

Welcome to Geoff Anderson

Together we bear responsibility. Environmentally and climate friendly, functional and durable fishing clothing is produced in the highest quality.

Environmentally friendlyGreen
transitionClimate dataSustainability

First, a thank you to the many Geoff Anderson users. Through the feedback it is possible to work on the sustainability of the products and develop them further. It is important to make the products as durable as possible. This is an important contribution to reducing the environmental and climate footprint as much as possible. By handling the products carefully, taking proper care of them and also by repairing them, we as consumers are reducing the earth's valuable resources.

Constantly looking for improvement

Textiles can never be sustainable. Every production of a garment leaves a footprint. We are aware of that. That's why we're thinking about making clothing more responsibly. in 1998, we began outfitting anglers with waterproof, breathable, warm and durable clothing of the highest quality, while trying to reduce the footprint. From the first design stroke to the finished product and the life cycle of a product, they look for the best possible and most gentle solutions for the environment and the climate.

Geoff Anderson is not a fashion brand but stands for innovative functional clothing

Functional clothing increases well-being, making outdoor excursions into nature a pleasure. The products keep warm, dry and comfortable. This makes it possible to concentrate more on leisure activities.

Durability is very important

Functional clothing with a long service life. We produce clothing with a long service life. This means that the assortment is based on timeless design, with emphasis on high quality materials, high professional standards and continuous improvements.

Durable products are gold (and greener)

Geoff Anderson customers should enjoy their fishing apparel for a long time. If you can avoid buying a new garment because the old one still works, you save resources. A success and the foundation of the business.

Responsible product development

The effort to reduce the footprint is an important point, which is already included in the design phase and in the choice of materials.

The design phase

The purpose of the clothing is included in the design phase. For the target group of anglers, it is assumed that the clothing should be able to withstand all weather, dirt, salt and heavy use. In order to meet the high stresses in the anglers' environment, the following basic principles are used in the design process:

Performance → Quality → Durability → Reduction of consumption

Intelligent material selection

The material used should keep anglers dry and warm during their fishing trip. With clothing that can be worn over a longer period of time. In doing so, we do not make any compromises. The goal is to find a good balance between functionality, durability and environmental compatibility. An important point is the careful selection of suitable materials.

Durable and effective materials

Geoff Anderson clothing must be functional. It is a challenge to find environmentally friendly materials that can do just that. The longevity of the clothing is a crucial factor, durable and suitable materials are preferred instead of the greenest products. Basically, more use is being made of recyclable materials. However, this should not affect the longevity and functionality of the clothing.

No to harmful chemicals

The majority of the materials used are free of chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment. Mainly Oeko-Tex® certified materials are used in all zippers, fabrics and elastic bands. In addition to the benefits for customers and Mother Nature, this also ensures a healthy working environment for manufacturers and employees.

Surface treatment without PFOA

Everyone who manufactures high quality rainwear relies on a surface treatment of their waterproof outer fabrics.Unfortunately, it is very often industry standard to use long chain fluorocarbons (PFOA). Treatment with them is extremely effective. But PFOA substances have a high human and environmental cost. We don't make friends with that at Geoff Anderson. We do not use this type of impregnation.

The market was searched long and hard for alternatives with comparable efficiency. Through careful research and testing of the available fluorocarbon free alternatives, we have developed collections with special surface treatment. In the process, the surface tension was improved. Raindrops bounce off and water spreads instead of soaking the fabric.

Green impregnation unfortunately does not work ideally for our customer segment. The material has to be retreated frequently and often has a shortened service life. It often exhibits faster soaking. The target group is very skeptical on this point. A shortened service life has a major impact on the environment.

The solution currently used is not perfect, but the substances settle out faster in the environment, there is less potential toxicity to humans and wildlife over time as a result. Alternatives are being researched and tested at the same time to achieve lower environmental impact with the same high efficiency.

Robust membrane technology

Much of the waterproof jackets and pants are made of a very durable material. The membrane (coating) is fused to an outer fabric that allows condensation to escape through the membrane while keeping water and rain out. The perfect function for anglers. The membrane is made of polyurethane and polyester, among other materials, applied to the back of a strong polyamide fabric. The membrane is robust and durable.

Recyclable Polartec®

The fleece and mid-layer are made in part from Polartec® textiles, the company synonymous with sustainable textile solutions and recyclable technologies. An environmentally friendly option with high durability and long life.


Polyurethane is part of the membrane in waterproof products. It is extremely durable, waterproof and long lasting. It makes jackets and pants functional and provides long life. However, the production of polyurethane can have an impact on the environment. Efforts are being made to offset the impact of polyurethane manufacturing by partnering only with responsible manufacturers who use transparent and environmentally friendly production methods.

Recycled and pure polyester

Recycled polyester is used in many fleece products and shirts. Polyester is a lightweight material, ideal for outdoor use, which retains its quality for years. The use of pure polyester is restricted, thus limiting crude oil, energy consumption, CO2 emissions as well as waste that would otherwise be produced in polyester production.

Recycled and pure polyamide

Polyamide is the most durable material. It is used in products that are subject to extra wear and tear. As a result, products achieve the desired functions while maintaining a long service life. That is why 99% of outdoor products are made of polyamide. There are environmental risks associated with its use.

Natural merino wool

Merino wool is used in series of mid-layers, underwear, socks and caps. The softest and highest quality is used, you can feel it on your skin. The merino wool used is mulesing free.

Technical merino is used either with recycled Polartec® fleece on the outside or mixed with polyester. Mixing some polyester with merino wool greatly extends the life of the garment. The best of both fibers. The soft and luxurious along with the strength of the synthetic - memory effect.


Usque down parka, the world's first down parka based on biodegradable, waterproof, windproof and breathable technology, is made of 95% goose down. Cluster down is among the finest down on the market, and the larger the quantity, the fuller the product. Therefore, the large amount of cluster goose down ensures that the down parka has high thermal performance. In addition to the high quality and good function of the down, it is also Oeko-Tex® certified and importantly, no live plucking.

Improvements are continuously worked out

As a functional brand, the biggest value is to produce high quality products and not to release new products every season. There is a continuous effort to increase the durability and functionality of the current products.
If no new products are developed, it is because existing ones are improved. Improvements have been continuously incorporated into products since 1998. The designers are specialists. Optimize through knowledge.

Responsible production

Great effort is put into making production as responsible as possible through trusted supply chains as well as compressed transportation options. Suppliers are selected very carefully. The supply chain consists only of socially and environmentally responsible factories, manufacturers and employees.

European suppliers have a high priority

The majority of our materials are manufactured in Europe. This is reflected in the price, but is a responsible contribution in terms of ensuring high environmental, social and quality standards.

Control and trust in Asian production

Asia is known for the production of technical garments. Some of our garments are produced in China and Vietnam. Long and trustful relationships are maintained with the factories. We are convinced of the quality standard, expertise and skills of our producers. To control the conditions in the factories, we have delegated the duty of inspection to a trusted local partner. In addition, excellent communication has been established with the factories in Asia over many years. This ensures that the clothing is produced under socially and environmentally responsible conditions.

European production whenever possible

Whenever possible, we have clothing produced in Europe. Especially if the fabric is produced in Europe. In these cases, the product is produced in Europe.

Long-term relationships with our suppliers

A responsible approach is only possible through close relationships with suppliers and employees. Producers are fully informed about our values, standards and expectations.

The transport route for our clothing

Since our materials are mainly produced in Europe and part of our production takes place in China and Vietnam, our clothing has a longer transport route. In the ideal world, we would further cluster all of our production geographically, but there is a lot of responsible thought behind our decisions.

First and foremost, we prioritize European subcontractors. In addition, we choose European materials to ensure good quality, which ultimately leads to a long-lasting product.

Local repairs

If a purchased garment needs to be repaired, we recommend having it repaired locally. This is usually possible with simple repairs and saves on transportation and protects the environment.

Recycling and reuse

As the earth's resources become more and more scarce, we try to work with reuse and recycling wherever we can. Also packaging will be changed.

Pijawetz GmbH - Distribution Austria, Germany, Switzerland and other countries

Pijawetz GmbH, located in 8650 Kindberg, Austria, has been a Geoff Anderson distributor for the German-speaking countries and other countries since 2000. As a long-standing general importer of Geoff Anderson, the employees have a lot of know-how in the Geoff Anderson product range. Here competence is bundled. Future products are worked on together with the designers, tested with Geoff Anderson brand ambassadors and improvements are suggested for existing products.

The UN's global goals and the Geoff Anderson brand

Through responsible work, the company seeks to contribute to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. There is a focus on three goals that can make a difference.

Goal 6.3: Reduce the impact on our water and increase recycling.
Our goal is to promote recyclable materials when it does not affect the life of the product. High-quality products reduce warranty claims.
Goal 12.2: Sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.
Our goal: To further extend the durability of clothing and increase repair options.
Goal 13.2: Climate change measures must be integrated into national policies, strategies and planning.
Our Goal: Reduce the carbon footprint of returning products through increased local production and responsible transportation choices.