Geoff Anderson WizWool Tshirt 150

GEOFF ANDERSON WizWool tshirt 150

Geoff Anderson Ezmar+ Hemd rot by Pijawetz

GEOFF ANDERSON Ezmar+ Flannel shirt red with inner lining

GEOFF ANDERSON Organic Tshirt black

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Tshirt made of high quality organic cotton.
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  • breathable
  • anti-pilling
  • robust and light
  • easy care
  • Layer principle: middle or inside (2nd or 1st layer)

Copyright Fa. Pijawetz

  • 100% organic cotton.
  • Cotton production uses around 15% of the world's pesticides. That's a lot of chemicals that end up in our environment. The people involved in the production of conventional cotton are also at risk. That's why Geoff Anderson tries to make a contribution with this organic cotton Tshirt. Organic cotton is harvested by hand and grown without the use of harmful chemicals. Organic farming is less harmful to our atmosphere, and the production of organic cotton uses less water.