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Light warming functional fleece Evaporator 2.
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  • heating output: light
  • highly breathable
  • moisture-wicking
  • quick-drying
  • light-weight
  • YKK zipper
  • elastic flat seams
  • elastic fabric
  • anti-pilling
  • smooth fabric surface outside
  • soft fabric surface inside
  • YKK zipper in front
  • high collar, lined with fleece inside
  • elastic waistband at sleeve ends
  • thumb slot
  • stretchable side areas (Polartec PowerStretch)
  • back extended
  • elastic waistband at wrist
  • 1 chest pocket with YKK zipper
  • principles layer: inside or middle (1st or 2nd layer)

Copyright Fa. Pijawetz

1 = collar
2 = chest circumference
3 = sleeve length inside
4 = sleeve length outside (from neck to wrist)
5 = hip circumference
6 = waist circumference
7 = leg length outside
8 = leg length inside
9 = head circumference
2  90 94 102 106 110 114 118
4  73 76 79 81 83 85 87
6  59-85 63-89 67-93 71-97 75-101 79-105 83-109


Evaporator is suitable for 1st and 2nd layer use. Evaporator is also a suitable undergarment for “non-breathable” clothing items like: Oilskin waterproof clothing, flotation suits, waders or the like. Thanks to the very light construction and the incredible ability to uphold a comfortable temperature, Evaporator is also ideal as a middle layer during high energy activities. This special fabric is insulating and effectively transports perspiration. The brushed surface and the lightness of the fabric offer a great level of comfort.
The inside serves three purposes:
1. It effectively moves moisture away from the body or the 1st layer and transports it to the outer layer.
2. Furthermore, it offers effective insulation.
3. The outer layer’s structure, combined with the fabric treatment, facilitates the spread of moisture over an area considerably larger than the contact area (between skin and fabric). Hereby ensuring quick evaporation.
4. In comparison with other similar fabrics, Evaporator’s tendency to pile is minimal. This means a significantly increased lifespan and a maintaining of the functional qualities.
5. The construction and treatment of Evaporator entails that it keeps its insulating quality when it gets wet.
6. Dirt-repelling and quick-drying.


- Resilient stretch
- Wicks moisture
- Highly breathable
- Easy care

Polartec Power Stretch has the ability to retain warmth without restricting movement or agility during activities. The outer surface has a low-friction finish that reduces irritation when worn with other fabrics and increases overall abrasion resistance. The next-to-skin layer stays dry, breathable and comfortable by continuously transferring moisture vapor for rapid evaporation. This versatility provides flexible support and warmth for reliable comfort in any fitness based activity. Polartec PowerStretch wicks moisture like a base material, but can handle direct exposure to the elements when necessary.

Wash according to the instructions below.

There are special detergents available that makes the outer surface of fleece water-repellent.

A zipper should be closed and the slider fixed before cleaning. Left open, the tip of the slider may damage the fabric or the tape may become stretched or may shrink. The gearing of the elements can be damaged by forcing a slider that does not open or close smoothly. Apply paraffin or the lubricating spray "FastenerMate" to the front side and back of the elements and move the slider up and down several times to work in the lubricant and make the slider work smoothly.

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