OPST Commando Sink Tip 7,5ft

OPST Commando Sink Tips 5ft

Vorfach Tasche Mesh Pijawetz

PIJAWETZ leader pocket mesh

OPST Commando Sink Tips 10ft

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Sinking tips for single handed, two handed and switch rods. Can be combined with all fly lines, perfect for OPST Pure Skagit Commando Heads.
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  • sink tips
  • perfect combination for OPST Pure Skagit Commando Shooting Heads
  • combinable for all fly lines
  • for single hand, two hand and switch rods
  • with loops on both ends
  • weights:
  • 80grains (5,19g)
  • 110grains (7,1g)
  • 140grains (9,1g)
  • 3 different sink rates:
  • slow sinking | 5 cm per sek. | S2 Riffle
  • moderate sinking | 10 cm per sek. | S4 Run
  • fast sinking | 15 cm per sek. | S6 Bucket

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