Echo TR 2 (Tim Rajeff)

ECHO TR Trout Spey two hand fly rod

Echo Boost Beach

ECHO Boost Beach two hand fly rod

ECHO Swing Spey two hand fly rod

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Crisp actions and perfect power to fit a wide range of casting strokes and fishing situations without breaking the bank.
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  • colour: blue
  • medium-fast action
  • 4 pcs
  • chrome snake rings
  • SIC guide rings
  • anodized aluminium reel seat
  • quality cork
  • plug position mark
  • fabric-covered rod case and sock

Copyright Fa. Pijawetz

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  • 11'6Ft - 354cm, #6, 4-teilig, A, 207g, mittel-schnell
  • 11'7Ft - 357cm, #7, 4-teilig, A, 218g, mittel-schnell
  • 11'8Ft - 360cm, #8, 4-teilig, A, 224g, mittel-schnell
  • 12'6Ft - 384cm, #6, 4-teilig, B, 227g, mittel-schnell
  • 13'0Ft - 396cm, #7, 4-teilig, B, 252g, mittel-schnell
  • 13'6Ft - 415cm, #8, 4-teilig, B, 281g, mittel-schnell