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VOSSELER Tryst carbon large arbor fly reel

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VOSSELER Air One large arbor fly reel

VOSSELER RC L large arbor fly reel

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The Vosseler RC L fly reel combines the advantages of the classic RC series with those of a large arbor reel.
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  • large arbor
  • anodized aluminium
  • closed system
  • weight: RC2L/126g - RC3L/136g
  • depth of spool: RC2L/15mm - RC3L/17mm
  • width of all spools: 24 mm
  • width of reel (without handle): 39 mm
  • diameter of reel (without reelfoot): RC2L/73mm - RC3L/83mm
  • incl. reel case

Copyright Fa. Pijawetz

  • Schnurklasse: RCL2/#34, RCL3/#56
  • Gewicht g: RCL2/126, RCL3/136
  • Spulentiefe mm: RCL2/15, RCL3/17
  • Spulenbreite mm: alle Modelle: 24
  • Rollenbreite mm (ohne Kurbel): alle Modelle 39
  • Rollendurchmesser mm (ohne Rollenfuß): RCL2/73, RCL3/83