Geoff Anderson Xelo

GEOFF ANDERSON Xelo parka brown

Geoff Anderson Shinogi

GEOFF ANDERSON Shinogi jacket darkgrey


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Waterproof outdoor jacket, short cut.
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  • waterproof (3.500mm)
  • breathable (5.000g)
  • windproof
  • YKK zipper
  • removable, adjustable hood
  • fleece chin protection
  • collar adjustable
  • shoulders seamless
  • Velcro closures at sleeves end
  • hem adjustable
  • D-ring at the back
  • 1 double inside pocket with YKK zipper
  • 1 napoleon pocket with YKK zipper
  • 4 pockets with YKK zipper
  • 1 pin-on-reel
  • layers principle: outside (3rd layer)

Copyright Fa. Pijawetz

(Dozer, WS, LWS, MWS, Raptor, Xera)
Remember always to dry the jacket completely after use and wash it frequently. Impregnate the jacket with suitable spray products. Storing the jacket in damp surroundings will facilitate rot and shorten the service life. Signs of rot are black spots and the characteristic damp basementodour. Salt often shows itself as white spots. Wash according to the instructions below. Salt water and constant sunlight bleach and break down the fabrics.

We recommend machine washing at 30°C. Wash the jacket frequently using the gentle/wool-programme and preferably without soap. However, if you have been so lucky that the product smells like fish, use a suitable soap product. As an alternative, use normal detergent without chlorine. Do not use compact detergent or traditional softener. Always follow the washing instructions in the product. Close all zippers and Velcro parts.

A zipper should be closed and the slider fixed before cleaning. Left open, the tip of the slider may damage the fabric or the tape may become stretched or may shrink.

The gearing of the elements can be damaged by forcing a slider that does not open or close smoothly. Apply paraffin or the lubricating spray "FastenerMate" to the front side and back of the elements and move the slider up and down several times to work in the lubricant and make the slider work smoothly.