Geoff Anderson Polartec Evaporator SE

GEOFF ANDERSON Polartec Evaporator SE top

Geoff Anderson WS 4

GEOFF ANDERSON WS 4 wading jacket darkgrey

GEOFF ANDERSON Jabba 2 pullover black/grey

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Combined 2-layer-pullover with Polartec fleece, strong warming.
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  • heating output: strong
  • highly breathable
  • moisture-wicking
  • quick-drying
  • combined 2-layer-pullover
  • hooded fleece from Polartec PowerStretch
  • inside lined with S.Café
  • elastic waistband at wrist
  • side areas with fleece Polartec PowerStretch
  • elastic waist hem
  • layers principle: inside or middle (1st or 2nd layer)

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POLARTEC CLASSIC 200 Polartec Classic are the reference standard for lightweight warmth and breathability. This is the original fleece offering unparalleled quality and durability. Polartec Classic have been the primary insulation layer of choice among experienced outdoor enthusiasts for nearly three decades. The 100% polyester velour construction creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat. Unlike less expensive fleece fabrics, Polartec Classic maintain it’s insulating ability and non-pilling appearance after repeated laundering. The combination of klin Diffusion underwear and Polartec Classic provide the right level of insulation for most outdoor activities. Outstanding warmth and versatility. POLARTEC POWERSTRETCH Moisture and high relative humidity next to the skin cause discomfort. Polartec Power Stretch keeps the skin dry through three complementary mechanisms: The fabric is highly breathable and does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor. "Touch Points" on the fabric inner surface draw off the sweat. Sweat is wicked off the skin to the outside of the fabric, where it spreads rapidly for evaporation. When the sweat reaches the outside of the fabric, it spreads out to many times its original surface area, enabling it to dry at least 2 times faster than cotton. Technical Highlights Body-hugging 4-way stretch provides unrestricted freedom of movement. Keeps your skin dry when you sweat. Highly breathable to provide comfort in all activities; does not restrict the movement of moisture vapor. Provides warmth without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics. Wind resistant to reduce the effects of wind chill. Machine washable. S.CAFÉ A natural fabric, where coffee grounds are combined with fabric. Highlights: Odor control With coffee ground permanently imbedded in the fiber, the particles work hard with controlling and absorbing odors. The trapped odors are then released with the your next wash-and-dry cycle of your S.Café clothing. Fast drying This feature is a key element to S.Café. As moisture moves from your skin to touching the S.Café fabric, it spreads out across the surface area to speed the drying process. S.Café never stops working: as it continually passes moisture away from skin to the outer surface for fast drying. It is not a finish that washes or wears out; it works forever. UV protection With S.Café fabric coffee particles in the fabric, these particles actually refract and diffuse the suns's rays. This provides for a natural UV protection throughout all the S.Café fabric collection.
CARE FLEECE Wash according to the instructions below. SPECIAL DETERGENTS There are special detergents available that makes the outer surface of fleece water-repellent. CARE ZIPPER A zipper should be closed and the slider fixed before cleaning. Left open, the tip of the slider may damage the fabric or the tape may become stretched or may shrink. The gearing of the elements can be damaged by forcing a slider that does not open or close smoothly. Apply paraffin or the lubricating spray "FastenerMate" to the front side and back of the elements and move the slider up and down several times to work in the lubricant and make the slider work smoothly.